An explosive combination of grunge rock and electronic music, packed with orchestral influences mixed with acid, industrial and distorted sounds, without forgetting the metal edge that provides the sound with a more consistent impact.

NeroArgento is a multi-instrumentalist , producer, songwriter, arranger, programmer and re-mixer.

The first album, a compilation of demo tracks half sung in English and half in Italian completely written, played and produced by Alessio in his own homestudio called AExeron Studio, entitled “Self- control Juice Manifesto” receives a good feedback since the release of the first independent single “Trust”, especially overseas where it obtains a distribution offer from the FiXT team, the famous American label specialized in electronic/rock music owned by Klayton of Celldweller.

NeroArgento’s music slowly receives more attention after being featured on some video games gameplay trailers like the World of Warcraft one on the portal and on the famous Mchinima network or the Devil May Cry, Halo, Soul Eater, Naruto (and many more) ones with thousands of visualizations worldwide.

More songs are featured as soundtracks for other internet movies , videogame trailers and in some snowboard freestyle dvds produced by Random Video production, distributed throughout all Italy by Sequence Magazine.

The video for the first single “Trust” also gains a good success on the net and thousands of visualizations worldwide after a bunch of months, so it is soon followed by the second one entitled “Helpless” in collaboration with the GoPro mark. Both the singles benefit from the precious collaboration of the friend and respected metal producer Ettore Rigotti, also known for being the mastermind of the melodic death metal band Disarmonia Mundi.

In June the first official release entitled “Three Hours of Sun” finally sees the light, eleven tracks in English language featuring some completely re-recorded and re-arranged versions of songs from “Self-control Juice Manifesto” and more unreleased tracks, licensed by the Italian label Coroner Records and distributed in more than 20 countries. The Japanese version of the record is released by the major Media Factory and features also an alternate version of “Helpless” sung in Japanese by Yoko Hallelujah, a young musician and tv host and an exclusive bonus cd for the clients of TOWER RECORDS featuring three additional bonus tracks.

A digital ep entitled “The advertising box” soon follows, featuring some new unreleased tracks and a Spanish version of the song “Advertising Muse”.

In the meanwhile Alessio spends a lot of time in his own studio working on the debut album of “The Stranded”, an international modern death metal band where he plays as a keyboardist: the record entitled “Survivalism boulevard” is released in 2013 by Coroner Records in Europe and Media Factory in Japan.

After some live activity (touching three cities of three different countries) and after the great success of “Three Hours of Sun” Alessio travels to the United States to work on the pre-productions with some friends and collaborators of what will be his next record entitled “Underworld”.


“Underworld” is released in March 2013 and is anticipated by the single and video of the title-track: the album is quite different from his predecessor, featuring a more electronic and mainstream approach and is released once again by Coroner Records.

A few months after Alessio signs for the label/management Three Mothers for the release of an ambient music record under the moniker Yuris Grey, debuting with the single/video “Don’t Think About”.

In the meanwhile he starts to collaborate with the friend Rayden, a very popular Italian rapper/ freestyler with a long musical career despite his young age (already featured on the song “Sweet Deja-vu” from the NeroArgento’s ep “The Advertising Box”). The result is a song that combines the two different worlds from which they belong, “Fin Qua”, a very popular single / video in Italy, included in the album “L’uomo Senza Qualità” by Rayden, released by the label The Saifam Group. This collaboration gives Alessio the opportunity to perform with his friend on great stages like the Assago forum during the “HipHopTv birthday” festival, broadcast also by the tv channel with the same name. The collaboration continues also on Rayden’s new album, released by Tempi Duri (Fabri Fibra’s label) and Universal, with Alessio being featured not just as a guest on the single “All’altezza”, but also as an arranger.

During 2013 he signs a contract with the dance label Subground Records/EDINET music for the release of a brand new dance project: NeroArgento Subkilla, a very interesting duo that debuts with the first single and video “The Walking Undead”.

In the first months of 2014 Alessio starts a brand new electro metal / industrial band called The Silverblack with his friend Claudio Ravinale (Disarmonia Mundi, The Stranded, 5 Star Grave) recording the self-titled debult album that will be released in autumn 2015 Via Sliptrick Records/Go with me (Japan).

NeroArgento also worked as a re-mixer and composer with many artists , like for example with the famous Japanese band VAMPS remixing a single included in their last album or the “Princess Ghibli” project, licensed in Japan by Media Factory: a very successful project that proposes in a brand new rock/metal version the main themes from the most famous Japanese animation movies by Studio Ghibli in which Alessio performs and remixes many themes.

In June 2014 “The Outsiders” is released: a collection of b-sides and previously unreleased bonus tracks, strictly limited to 50 copies, hand-numbered and signed, featuring a special dedication and presented in a stylish silver and black metal box, it goes sold-out in one day.

A year after releasing the first self-titled debut album and after recruiting Ivan King (Vita Museum), Rob Gaia (5 Star Grave, Airborn) and the performer Nisha Sara to complete the line-up, The Silverblack returns with 11 brand new tracks (produced as usual by NeroArgento at AExeron Studios) for the second album entitled “The Grand Turmoil” scheduled for an autumn 2015 release via Sliptrick Records/Go With Me Records (2016 JAPAN).

In 2015 He begins a modeling and acting career, working with several international brands like Dainese, Les Benjamins, M Collective and Tony&Guy.

brands, and being chosen for an australian dark romance cover (“Unrequited” By Max Henry).

The 13th of January 2016 Go With Me Records releases the brand new album entitled “One Against All” in Japan. The music style evolves once again delivering a more mainstream-oriented electro-rock featuring extremely catchy melodies and keyboard-driven tracks. NeroArgento performs a couple of tracks live taken from the album at the 43rd New Years World Rock Festival in Tokyo the 31st of December 2015 with Yoko Hallelujah.

In november/december 2016 he started his own agency called “One Against All Agency”. in december 2016 the album “One against all” will be released Worldwide via Sliptrick Records/One Against all agency, featuring exclusive release in vinyl, cd digipak and exclusive merch.

As a producer / arranger Nero appears in more than 30 records worldwide released.